Monday, January 25, 2016

Links Of Interest - January 25th, 2016

A quick little roundup of some odds and ends that piqued my interest this past week.

First up, The Coode Street Podcast, Episode 264. Jonathan Strahan interviews Glen Cook and Steven Erikson at the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, NY last November. This one breaks my heart. Saratoga is only 40 minutes away from me, but circumstances beyond my control (read: lack of $) kept me from attending. Anyway, this is a phenomenal podcast:

Next up: Currently high up on my "to read" list is Alexander Wallis' "The Way Knight". You may remember that I recently reviewed his award-winning short "The Sea Between The Stars", an excellent two-page story that you can obtain by contacting him at thewayknight AT As of the time of this post, until I have no idea, you can buy The Way Knight for only 99 cents (Kindle edition) on Amazon. Alright, a great book for a buck! Always a win:

Next up, we have a freebie from our friends over at The Black Library. The most recent Age of Sigmar story, Vengeance Eternal, in the most recent Age of Sigmar series, Bladestorm, is bring offered for free in either .epub or .mobi format over at The Black Library. Look, you all know that I have no love for the Age of Sigmar books, but I'm sure some of you do, and this is free. Plus, it's penned by another new author, Matt Westbrook, and it's always nice to see what the new guys bring to the table. So check it out:

Of course, I save the best for last. In further Black Library news, checking the site this morning, I see that the most recent Deathwatch short has been released. And guess what? It is written by none other than blog favorite Peter Fehervari. So check out The Walker in Fire, Book 9 in the Deathwatch series. There should be a review going up in the next few days.


  1. Hi, dear friend! So, about the Walker in Fire...
    There is a character in it, magos secutor, who goes by the name Strochan. And this would be HUGE for me. I think I mentioned here somewhere that I've translated 'Fire Caste' into Russian (and now it's going to be published, fingers crossed)?
    So, I did it under a nickname Strochan, man.
    Well, now I have a humble petition to you. Please, ask Mr.Fehervari, is this a misterious coincidence or something bigger? It's really important for me.

  2. Hi Lucius-
    Always good to hear from you!
    I just read through The Walker in Fire I need to spend a day or two reviewing it and trying to connect dots to other works, and looking up names.
    Next time I speak with Mr. Fehervari, I'll ask him about any Strochan significance. One must assume there are no coincidences, only intent, in his work.
    Take care!

    1. Oh, thanks a lot!
      Sure, I remember this words: 'Nothing is chance or else chance is broken.'
      Otherwise, I wouldn't be ask about it :)
      Yes, there's a lot of cros-references in the 'Walker...' - it's a prequel to the 'Sanctuary of Wyrms', Malvoision will appear later in the 'Crown of Thorns', Inquisitor Esher were seen in the 'Fire and Ice' et cetera.
      And, of course, 'It's a lie', 'We condemn ourselves', the eternal falling into the bottomless abyss - all the things we learned to love in Mr. Fehervari books.