Monday, April 3, 2017

Long Time, No See!

How's everybody doing? It seems like only yesterday I was declaring that I wasn't going to let the blog start to languish again, I was going to commit myself to writing, etc., etc., etc....

Well, I did tell the truth; but I didn't do what I said I would. Make sense?

I had a strong January on the blog, and I was really happy with that. I was making up for lost time with The Beast Arises books, and dipping into some classic paperbacks.

Then school happened again. I'll be honest, I haven't been ready for the sheer volume of writing I've had to do this semester. So yes, I told the truth; I've been writing. Heck, I've been writing my ass off, but just not about books, which is something I love to do.

And, just like that, what little free time I had for blogging *poof* disappears.

Meaning, I get to read a lot more of:

And a lot less of:

.....and there was no rejoicing.

Well, enough complaining. I actually have some stuff to post, and then an announcement at the end.

First is a post/rant from MightyThorJRS, who is a damn fine reviewer (if you haven't read his stuff already), and a really cool dude. He touches on some of the - how should I call it? Blog fatigue? Reviewing fatigue? - we all feel from time to time. Trying to hurry to keep in line with the newest releases. Having the self-imposed pressure of what to write in a review interfere with your actually reading enjoyment. I know, no one asked us to do this. Just one of those weird kind of things. Anyway, check it out over here.

Secondly, I'm sure you are all familiar with The Combat Phase podcast, right? Well, in episode 188, recently released, Kenny over at TCR does what I've been dreaming about doing for the past few years - actually having a broadcast interview with Peter Fehervari! Seriously, you need to set aside an hour and forty minutes of your time to listen if you are as big a PF fan as I am. Because, finally, you get to hear him open up on these deep, psychological, wonderful, and terrifying stories he's been crafting over the past few years. So, seriously, give it a listen.

Listen to it here.

And, I must add, at the end, Peter Fehervari gives a quick shout out to the blog here; and, I know I'm a pretty emotional guy by nature, but it really did mean the world to me. More than a few times, I've really been on the verge of closing this blog down, and it's been him a few times that encouraged me to keep at it. Sometimes you need someone like that at certain times.

Alright, enough with the treacly waterworks. But honestly, I did cry a bit at that; see, I told you I'm an emotional mess.

On to the announcement.....well, see how I just talked about not quitting this blog? Well, actually, I am kind of quitting this blog.

I am joining up with my friend Rob, one of the admins over at the Warhammer: Artwork, Books, and Models Facebook group, to make a new review blog called:

Voxcasts From The Void

Please bookmark that and stop by. All of the Warhammer stuff I review going forward will be over there; hopefully, combined with his output, I can get a steadier flow of reviews up.

For the time being, any and all other titles I review I will put up here. I don't yet know how that will change over time. I'm honestly not ready to let go of this blog; there are too many good memories tied up in it.

So please, check out the new blog. The first post is up already - a review of The Last Son of Dorn (The Beast Arises #10).

Alright, hope to see you all here, there, or somewhere. Thanks as always for coming by.