Monday, May 18, 2015

Mech: Age of Steel anthology on the horizon

A little bit of a different post here. I just saw on Raganarok Publication's website that this year's Kickstarter anthology will be a collection of short stories centering around a "mech" theme. The working title is "Mech: Age of Steel". Check out this awesome cover and head over to their site to read the info and and the tentative partial author lineup (some real winners there):

The reason why I'm promoting this here is because I was a backer on Ragnarok's previous two anthologies, Kaiju Rising and Blackguards. And let me tell you, on a $25 level, you get a real good deal. These anthologies are big ol' doorstops, with contributions by great authors, plus you get great add-on goodies (I think at my backing level I got like 6 or 7 ebooks with Blackguards as well as a print copy). Plus the subject matter is near and dear to me. I mean, kaiju, rogues, and now mech tales? How can you go wrong?

Keep an eye out for when the Kickstarting opens. Hopefully a review of this and the previous two are in the cards, although it seems I am in a semi-retirement now....

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