Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pedro Kantor: The Vengeful Fist

Pedro Kantor: The Vengeful Fist by Steve Parker. A Lords of the Space Marines short story, originally published by The Black Library in December 2013 as part of there Advent Calender series. Approx. 4 pages.

Just wanted to make a quick mention of this short, being as though July has seen a lot of Crimson Fist-based stories reviewed. The Vengeful Fist is one of those micro-shorts that you either love or hate (I usually fall into the love category, especially with the whole "Advent Calender" theme). Last year's calender theme was the "Lords of the Space Marines", which I pretty much avoided since I am not invested enough into 40K canon to know all the particulars of all the heroes. But I did want to read everything that Parker pens that involves the Fists.

The Vengeful Fist centers on the angry reflections of the Crimson Fists Chapter Master, one year after the cataclysmic events of Rynn's World. From inside of the Chapter Master's mind, we get a view of the panorama of this devastated world. And we see the full gamut of emotions that constantly swirl through his head: grief, anger, loss, rage, duty.

That's all that there is, and that's all there is room for. In just 4 pages, Parker gives Kantor more gravitas and depth than he had in the entirety of Rynn's World. There is also a mention of a conflict, though all of the action occurs off-screen.

Pedro Kantor: The Vengeful Fist gives you an emotional view of a devastated leader surveying the wastelands where so many millions under his charge lost their lives. It is 4 of the better pages you'll read from The Black Library, whether or not you like the micro-short story format.

Now, one final question that I hope someone out there can help me with. I really enjoy the Fists stories by Parker and Lee (although Parker's are a bit better), but does anyone know what exactly Alessio Cortez is up to? In Parker's stories, Cortez has left on a personal vendetta to track down and kill Snagrod, however, Lee puts him at just returning from Terra on a mission to petition for the continuation of the Chapter. Which is it?

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