Sunday, December 29, 2013

Looking back, looking forward

2013 is drawing to a close, and here's hoping for better things for everyone in 2014.

I'd like to thank everyone that stopped by the blog this first few months; readership has been good, but please leave some comments, so we know what to improve.

So, just a few things....

First, I was looking over the Angels of Death Collection reviews. I think, going forward, it'll be best to assign scores of 1 to 10 (with half point increments like 7.5) for those 1,000 word micro-shorts, while keeping the 1-100 scale for short stories up to novels. I'm not going to go back and adjust the AoD ratings though; I am satisfied with the scores assigned.

Second, does anyone have New Year's Resolutions? Well, other than lose weight, quit smoking, etc. I mean literary ones? Shooting for a certain number of books read? Committing to finally finish that novel this year?

What's mine? Well, I am hoping to finish at least one fantasy or sci-fi series each year. I am realizing how many series there are to finish, and I am not getting any younger. And, at my glacial reading pace, series of 10 books or under should take me about a year to finish.

So which series will I tackle in 2014? It was a tough call between Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts (of which I read and enjoyed First and Only) and Glen Cook's iconic series The Black Company. After much deliberation, I opted for The Black Company series. So, look out for those reviews, and share your thoughts.

Other than that, I got more reading done this year than I expected, and for that I am glad.

Again, all the best to all of you in this coming year. 2013 kind of sucked. That seems to be a general consensus. Let's hope to put the bad times behind us.



  1. Hi Anthony,

    I was doing my regular trawl of the net yesterday and ran across your reviews of AOD and Out Caste. As with Fire Caste, I really appreciated the kind words and analysis. It's immensely gratifying when a reader notices the finer details of a story - especially the stuff hidden beneath the surface.

    I'm neither a pro author nor part of the BL inner circle so positive feedback is hugely encouraging.

    I hope the coming year proves a better one for you. I can only agree about 2013!

    Take care,


  2. Hi Peter-
    Thank you so much for stopping by again. I cannot say enough how much I've enjoyed reading your works this year. Maybe it's because of their cryptic Easter eggs, and maybe it's because of the infusion of literary influence (kudos again to the Black Library as well for upping the tie-in fiction game a bit by seeking authors willing to go in bold directions).
    As for being a pro author, I cannot think of many authors from whom I've read a first novel so laudable. But this is some more honest, positive feedback: I was never interested in the Tau before. I just couldn't get into them. That's what kept me from reading Fire Caste in the beginning. But I saw some strong accolades from reviewers that I trust, and now I find the Tau that much more intriguing. You very well captured the essence of the collective good, and efficient resource usage that they employ.
    So all the best in 2014. I think the entire world had a unanimously crappy 2013, it only seems like it can go uphill from here.
    Be well and write much!