Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I really don't know how to make an introductory post that doesn't come across as extremely corny, but I just want to mention some of the things I hope to do with this blog.

First off, nice to meet you. My name is Anthony, and I go by HachiSnax or Hach. This was a nickname coined by a friend in regards to my love for the loyal dog Hachiko story.

I love to read. Whenever I have free time, which is quite rare, if I am not sleeping, it is what I try to do.

I like to share my opinions on what I read. I also really enjoy reading other people's reviews on books I may be reading or plan to read. A lot of the books I read fall into specific genres or properties, so the opinions of true fans are invaluable. Hopefully my reviews will be strung together halfway as well as theirs.

Yes, that's what I hope mostly to do with this blog, book reviews. I am shooting to do reviews for books that I have just finished reading, and then I want to experiment with snapshot reviews of books that I read maybe a few months ago, or a year or so ago. Finally, I would like to branch into books or types of books that bring back certain memories, or whatever. I don't know; it's just an idea at this point. There are reviewing skills to be honed first.

Ok, so here's some basics about how reviews will be done and what kind of books you can expect to see:

First of all, I am a painfully slow reader (and typist, wow, this is the perfect activity for me, no?). So don't expect to see a new review every two days. Kudos to the folks that can do it!

Favorite genres: Fantasy (a lot of pulpy old sword and sorcery stuff), some sci-fi. I have been reading a bunch of Warhammer 40K books. The tabletop game is too expensive to get into for me, plus I can't paint the figures too well, but gosh darn it, they have some pretty good authors putting out works there. Those are the main points of interest, I love classic lit and good modern fiction as well.

Favorite authors: Robert E. Howard, Cormac McCarthy, Jack London, Terry Pratchett, and a lot more.

The rating scale will be from 0 to 100. At least at the beginning. If something else works better, well there we go.

Hopefully, there will be a rating for book covers as well. Is that odd? Isn't the cover somewhat important? Ever bought a book with a great cover that ended up being garbage? Sure have. Great book with a crap cover? Innkeeper's Song, anyone?

Actually, the most important thing here will be feedback. Please! Comments, gripes, tips. Please, tips! This is the first blog I've attempted a go at. Design tips, review input, whatever.

Maybe later on, we can experiment with original fiction, or other types of reviews; movies, TV shows, food, whatever.

Hope you enjoy your stay here!

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